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Lawmakers to Decide Fate of Digital Euro: ECB

• The European Central Bank (ECB) will put decisions about the digital euro in the hands of legislators, not the bank.
• The ECB is not seeking direct access to private information related to transactions.
• Lawmakers will decide whether the digital euro can be used as official cash and if third parties are necessary to distribute it.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is moving towards the implementation of a digital euro, but it is leaving the decision-making about how it will be used in the hands of lawmakers. During a routine discussion on the digital euro on Monday, executive board chairman Fabio Panetta said that the organization’s top executives aren’t begging for access to details about specific transactions.

Panetta noted that the amount of private information that the ECB would have direct access to if it implemented a digital euro would be decided by legislators, not the bank. He continued, citing anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism funding, avoiding tax evasion, and guaranteeing sanctions compliance: „It will be up to you as co-legislators to determine the stability between privacy and other essential public policy objectives.“

The virtual euro will likely rely on middlemen like private lenders to manage user accounts. These middlemen „would not have greater access than they already have,“ Panetta said. Additionally, lawmakers will decide if the virtual euro can be used as official cash and if third parties are necessary to disseminate it.

Panetta made it clear that the digital euro „would never be program money“ that would impose restrictions on users. „Central banks print money, not certificates,“ she explained. The ECB is hoping that the decision-making process will be transparent and that lawmakers will take into consideration the legal implications of their decisions when it comes to the digital euro.

The move towards a digital euro is being seen as a step forward for the European Union in terms of financial technology innovation. It could also help the EU compete with other countries like China that have already implemented similar digital currency systems. The ECB is hoping that the digital euro will be a secure and efficient way for citizens to pay for goods and services.

The digital euro is still in the early stages of development, and it remains to be seen what the final product will look like. However, the ECB is confident that it will be able to work with lawmakers to ensure that the digital euro is secure and provides the necessary privacy protections. Ultimately, the implementation of the digital euro will be up to the legislators, and the ECB is confident that they will make the right decisions.

Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High: Bullish Crypto Market Continues to Rally

• The cryptocurrency market continued to rally on Monday, with BTC reaching a high of just over $20,000 per coin.
• Bitcoin has seen a 24-hour rally of 1.78% to the $21,104 price peg, continuing bitcoin’s impressive streak of gains over the past few days.
• The surge in Bitcoin’s price is coming on the heels of the improved market sentiment from the broader economy.

The cryptocurrency market is on a major bull run as Bitcoin has reached a price of just over $20,000 per coin, the highest it has been since early November 2022, before the second largest crypto exchange FTX announced a liquidity crisis. This milestone comes as the broader economy has seen an improved market sentiment.

The total crypto market is up by 2.15% in the past 24 hours and Bitcoin’s technicals are also doing quite well. BTC has seen a 24-hour rally of 1.78% to the $21,104 price peg, continuing bitcoin’s impressive streak of gains over the past few days. Its price is now above most of its moving average (MA) indicators and a positive moving average convergence divergence (MACD) shows Bitcoin flashing a buy signal. The asset’s relative strength index (RSI) is still steady at 46.27, which is a sign that it is not overbought.

The surge in Bitcoin’s price can be credited to the improved market sentiment from the broader economy. Stocks have been rallying recently, and with the US dollar weakening against other currencies, it has created an opportune environment for Bitcoin and other cryptos to rally. Additionally, institutional investors have been increasing their exposure to cryptocurrencies, which has added fuel to the fire.

Despite this positive news, there is still some uncertainty surrounding the future of Bitcoin and other cryptos. The asset is still working on crossing the short-term indicators, especially the 10-day MA of $21,110. This could mean that Bitcoin is in for a period of consolidation before it is able to continue its uptrend. There is also the risk of a sudden sell off if large investors decide to pull out of the market.

Overall, the crypto market has seen a strong rally in recent weeks and it appears that the crypto winter is finally over. With institutional investors continuing to pour money into cryptocurrencies and the US dollar weakening, Bitcoin may be in store for more gains in the near future. Investors should keep an eye on the asset’s technicals and be cautious in their investments.

Risk Averse Investors Flock to Stablecoins as Crypto Market Dips

• Terra Luna price action has largely been following the trend set by Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.
• Stablecoins currently take up 3 of the top positions in the market, indicating that market participants are risk averse.
• Global crypto market capitalization is currently at $811.03B, with a total crypto market volume of $27.62B over the last 24 hours.

The crypto market has been in an interesting state lately, with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies setting the trend for Terra Luna. Bitcoin bulls have been fighting to keep the $16,700 support level, leading to a 0.47% decrease in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $14.4 billion. Ether, the proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, is currently flashing red at $1,243, down 0.7% over the last day, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3.78 billion and a live market capitalization of $152 billion.

The current market conditions demonstrate that investors are risk averse, as stablecoins take up 3 of the top positions in the market. Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD) occupy the 3rd, 4th and 7th positions respectively, indicating that investors are seeking to protect their capital by holding stablecoins that are not as affected by extreme price volatilities.

The total global crypto market capitalization is currently at $811.03B, representing a 1% decrease over the last day, according to CoinMarketCap data. The total crypto market volume over the same time frame is $27.62B, representing a 10.24% decrease, which displays the bearish nature of the market. Despite this, many investors remain optimistic that the value of these digital assets will improve in 2023, leading to an increase in the total market valuation.

While the current market conditions may not be the most ideal, it is important to remember that this is a long-term game, and that the cryptocurrency market is still relatively new. As such, investors should remain patient and look for opportunities to capitalize on the current market conditions. Furthermore, by keeping up to date with the latest news and developments, investors can stay informed and make better decisions when it comes to their investments.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Attempts Break Above $17,000

• Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC is still attempting an upside break above $17,000.
• Bitcoin could gain bullish momentum if there is a daily close above the $17,000 and $17,200 resistance levels.
• Bitcoin price may likely slide below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages and possibly break below $16,500.

The Bitcoin price prediction shows that the king coin is still attempting an upside break above $17,000 as it touches the $16,967 level. Despite the selling pressure seen around the $16,829 level which is stopping it from making any major gains, traders are not surprised as bears are trying to defend against a break above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. As of now, the Bitcoin price may continue to face a prolonged sideways movement or drop below the current market value unless bulls keep the price above the resistance barrier.

Looking at the daily chart, Bitcoin may revisit the downtrends and slide below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. If this is the case, then the price of Bitcoin may potentially break below the $16,500 mark. On the other hand, traders should keep an eye on the key support levels at $14,000, $12,000, and $10,000 in case there is a further retracement.

To gain bullish momentum, Bitcoin needs to see a daily close above the $17,000 and $17,200 resistance levels. This could result in a surge in the price of Bitcoin, leading to a bullish breakout. If this happens, then Bitcoin could test the $20,000 mark again and possibly even break it.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC is still fighting near the $17,000 level, as it attempts an upside break. The $17,000 and $17,200 resistance levels need to be broken in order for the bulls to gain momentum. However, if the bears’ defense is too strong, then Bitcoin may revisit the downtrends and slide below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, possibly breaking below the $16,500 mark. In any case, traders should keep an eye on the key support levels at $14,000, $12,000, and $10,000 in case of a further retracement.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Is Trading Above $16,800, Bulls May Gain Momentum

• Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC is currently trading above the resistance level of $16,800.
• Bears may have the upper hand if the price fails to cross above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages.
• A bullish trend is likely if the market price touches the resistance level of $18,000.

The Bitcoin price prediction for today is that the cryptocurrency is currently trading above the resistance level of $16,800. Bears may be in control of the market if the price fails to move above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. However, a bullish trend may be seen if the market price touches the resistance level of $18,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $16,841 after recovering from the daily low of $16,775. The first digital asset is attempting to move above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages but the bears may step back into the market if it fails to do so. If this happens, a bearish breakdown may occur and the Bitcoin price may fall back to the support of $15,000.

Furthermore, the technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) needs to move above the 50-level in order to confirm a bullish trend. If the indicator crosses above the 50-level, the Bitcoin price may continue to rise and reach the resistance level of $18,000. On the other hand, if the indicator falls back below the 50-level, the bears may take control of the market and the price may drop back to the support of $15,000.

Overall, the Bitcoin price prediction for today is that the cryptocurrency is currently trading above the resistance level of $16,800. Bears may have the upper hand if the price fails to cross above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. A bullish trend is likely if the market price touches the resistance level of $18,000.

Crypto Markets Show Signs of Life: Check Out Top Performers for 20x Gains!

• The global crypto market cap is up 0.01% to $810.5 billion over the last 24 hours.
• Leading the biggest crypto gainers today were Osmosis (OSMO), Decentraland (MANA) and Stacks (STX) which were up 4.73%, 4.48$ and 3.37% respectively.
• Market participants could look at these top performers for a chance to multiply their investments.

The holiday season has descended upon the world, and crypto investors are hoping to benefit from a Santa rally in the crypto markets. With Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) trading close to key resistance levels, investors have their eyes peeled for the top performers of the day, particularly those that could deliver outsized gains in the near future.

The total crypto market cap is currently at $810.5 billion, representing a 0.01% increase over the past 24 hours. The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is trading at $16,838, representing a 0.18% increase over the same period. Ethereum, the largest altcoin by market capitalization, is up 0.17% to $1,219.53.

Leading the biggest crypto gainers today are Osmosis (OSMO), Decentraland (MANA), and Stacks (STX), with respective gains of 4.73%, 4.48$, and 3.37%. Other altcoins such as Fightout (FIGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), Calvaria (RIA), and RobotEra (TARO) are also performing well in presales and could offer investors the potential of 20x gains in 2023.

Crypto investors should keep an eye on these top performers, as they may offer the opportunity to multiply investments. Stacks (STX), for example, bounced off the $0.22 psychological level on December 20, with the latest uptick seeing the Layer-1 token rising to a high of $0.262 during the Asian trading hours on Christmas eve.

Other altcoins such as Solaris (XLR) and Lisk (LSK) are also showing signs of life. Solaris is up 1.25% to $4.18, while Lisk is up 1.17% to $4.85. Both coins could be on the cusp of a major breakout, making them attractive prospects for crypto investors in the near future.

Overall, the crypto markets are showing signs of life and could be set to deliver outsized gains in the near future. Crypto investors should keep a close eye on the top performers and look out for potential opportunities to multiply their investments.

CoinShares: „Bitcoin is like a risky technological action“

Bitcoin acts more as a technology startup than as digital gold; investors reap great rewards if it works, but potentially lose everything if the cryptoactive fails.

That’s the conclusion of an Aug. 10 report from digital asset manager CoinShares entitled „A Little Bit of Bitcoin Goes a Long Way. In it, authors James Butterfill and Christopher Bendiksen argue that the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) „started its life at a zero price“ gave it a stellar reputation.

3 reasons why MicroStrategy adopted Bitcoin and why others will do so

„If it reaches its potential, the value could be immense,“ the report says.

„At the same time, there is a non-nil chance that it will fail completely, leaving the Bitcoin value close to zero.“

Unlike many experts who suggest reserving 1% of a portfolio for crypto-currencies, CoinShares suggested that investors allocate „just under 4%“ for Bitcoin alone.

The company tested Bitcoin as a reliable store of value by seeing how crypto currency behaved as part of a balanced 60/40 portfolio. Their analysis indicated that the token improved annualized returns by 9.7 percent from 2015, almost double the comparable assets.

Why Chinese miners won’t make a 51% attack on Bitcoin

Beginning to mature in the reserve of value
Behaving as a technology asset is not a bad thing. Since the crypto-currency bloodbath in March, technology stocks have gained enormous ground. Amazon’s price rose 70.7% to USD 3,170, Apple’s 63.3% to USD 450, Facebook’s 54.5% to USD 263 and Google’s 23.6% to USD 1,496.

The report comes after a period of volatility in which Bitcoin tests the $12,000 threshold for the first time since 2019.

How can I speed up Bitcoin trading?

„Bitcoin is an asset in its infancy,“ says the Coinshares report. „As Bitcoin Code matures, its robustness is proven even more, and its risk of failure is moving further and further away from zero. We believe that investors will start to treat it differently, driving its macroeconomic performance to follow suit.

Bitcoin und die Niederlande: Wie es das Leben in Holland verändern könnte

Bitcoin und die Niederlande……
Sind Sie neugierig auf Bitcoin und die Niederlande? Hier ist ein kurzer Überblick darüber, was Bitcoin ist und wie es das Leben in Holland in naher Zukunft verändern könnte.

Was du vielleicht schon weißt. Dies ist keine finanzielle Beratung.

Sie haben zweifellos von diesem Ding namens „Bitcoin“ gehört. Vielleicht haben sich sogar „Blockchain“ und „Kryptowährung“ in Ihr Leben geschlichen wie ein allzu authentisches Social Media-Bild von Ihrem Schwarm auf einer Party, die Sie verpasst haben. Auch wenn es für Bitcoin Era schon fast zu spät ist. Aber keine Sorge, das Morgen ist da, und es ist voller Möglichkeiten für jeden von uns. Und wie beim Schwimmen oder Radfahren ist es bemerkenswert einfach, wenn man es einmal verstanden hat. Geduld jedoch; bleibt das große Hindernis, sowohl wenn Verständnis und Anwendung wie entfernte, ja sogar fremde Ideen erscheinen. Dazu gehört leider auch Bitcoin Era. Behandle das wie eine gute Sache. Du hast während des Beta-Tests eine Chance auf Opferrolle verpasst. Was jedes allgemeine Gefühl von „verloren“ betrifft; es ist in Ordnung, dies wird eine vereinfachte und überschaubare Erklärung für Anfänger sein.

Die grundlegenden Grundlagen.

Es wird uns allen dienen, zuerst auf eine Seite mit einer Verwandtschaft zu unserer universellen Unwissenheit zu kommen. Nämlich, was genau ist Bitcoin? Ist es eine digitale Münze? Besteht es aus’Bits‘ wie Megabyte oder Terabyte? Wenn ja, warum ist „Bitcoin“ mit einem „i“ im Gegensatz zu einem „y“? Hat Apple es geschafft? Ist das das dauerhafte Vermächtnis von Steve Jobs? Vielleicht… nein, ist es nicht, die Sache, auf der du das liest, ist. Bitcoin wurde von einer unbekannten Person oder Gruppe namens „Shitoshi Nakamoto“ als Reaktion auf die Finanzkrise 2008 gegründet.

Halte durch.

Bitcoin ist wie Geld. Im Gegensatz zu „fiat“-Geld/Währung (lateinisch: „fiat“ bedeutet „lass es geschehen“; da Münzen und Papierrechnungen nur eine Wertvereinbarung zwischen uns allen sind, nicht von intrinsischem Wert), ist Bitcoin für dich genauso unsichtbar wie das Geld auf deiner Kreditkarte. Bitcoin – kurz BTC – ist die Währung, die als erste mit der monumentalen Technologie „Blockchain“ betrieben wurde. Denken Sie an Blockchain wie Ihr Bankkonto in einer universellen Bankanwendung, und Bitcoin ist das Geld dafür. Der größte Unterschied: Jeder kann es sehen. Aber sie kontrollieren nur ihr Konto, und das Beste ist, wir kontrollieren nur unseren eigenen Anteil, die Bank nicht. Transparent, idealerweise kostengünstiger und dezentralisiert.

bitcoin phone

Ein „Block“ auf der „Blockchain“ ist ein Ledger. Nicht mehr als eine chronologische Sammlung von Transaktionen, wie Sie sie auf jeder Bank-App sehen würden, die Sie verwenden. Anstelle Ihrer nationalen Währung, auf dem „Block“, ist Bitcoin das Geld. Alle Transaktionen von allen, die Bitcoin zum Transaktionswert verwenden, gehen in der Reihenfolge, in der sie ausgeführt wurden, in dasselbe Ledger (oder Block). Wenn der Block voll ist, beginnt ein Bestätigungsprozess, damit die Transaktionen verifiziert und abgeschlossen werden können. Dieser Prozess wird „Mining“ genannt, und das wird später geschehen.

Da Blockchain eine Technologie ist, die nur digital existiert, muss das Geld auch digital sein. Deshalb müssen Sie Ihre Fiat-Währung gegen Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin eintauschen, um sie live auf der Blockchain zu haben.

Keine Banken mehr? Ist das eine gute Sache?

Mit der Blockchain-Technologie brauchen wir technisch gesehen keine Banken mehr. Banken sind von Natur aus eine finanzielle Geschäftsstruktur, die „zentralisiert“ ist. Das ist sowohl der Punkt als auch eines der stärksten Argumente für Kryptowährungen und den universellen Einsatz der Blockchain bei transaktionsfähigem Austausch, Archivierung und Diensten von allem bis zu allem. Leider steht hier auch die Mainstream-Einführung der Technologie vor der größten Herausforderung…. das Team „Geld“ – Banken etc. – sind nicht gerade begeistert von ihrem Aussterben.

Was das für die Verbraucher bedeutet
Aus Verbrauchersicht ist es großartig! Keine Zwischenhändler, niemand, der wütend nach einer Überziehungsgebühr ruft oder die Karte blockiert, die du gestern Abend in der Bar gelassen hast. Sie werden feststellen, dass diese lokalisierten Einzelhandelsanwendungen von Kryptotransaktionen wie der Kauf von Kaffee und Schuhen die Vorberge der Mount Blockchain sind. Zum Beispiel, wenn eine Ausgabe auf Ihr Konto fällt, die Sie nicht gemacht haben, ist es nicht Ihr Wort gegen Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, denn Blockchain funktioniert wie ein Fenster, das jeder sehen kann. Sie können nicht jeden einzelnen Kauf sehen, sondern vielmehr, dass einer passiert ist und wie viel es war. Es kann nicht gefälscht werden, genau wie dein Fingerabdruck es nicht kann, und das Geld bewegt sich nur pro deiner Initiation und dem Empfang dieses Geldes auf der Empfängerseite. Deshalb liegt der Beweis bei uns allen, nicht eine Partei über die andere.

Stornieren einer Transaktion
Wie also sollte es eine Transaktion geben, die rückgängig gemacht werden muss? Es gäbe nicht nur ein Beispiel dafür, wie viel weniger wir uns alle darum kümmern müssten, wie jemand anderes mit unserem Geld umgeht. Wir brauchen eigentlich keine Banken mehr, sie brauchen uns. Bei Kryptowährungen benötigen wir aufgrund ihrer immateriellen digitalen Natur keine Tresore von Banknoten und Münzen.

Wenn Sie an PayPal denken, sind Sie auf dem richtigen Weg, und auch, warum die beiden PayPal-Schöpfer Peter Thiel und Elon Musk im Verdacht stehen, Shatoshi zu sein.