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Stellvia volume 1

Author: XEBEC and Ryo Akizuki
ISBN: 1-59796-060-8
Date Published: 06/25/2005
Format: Paperback / B & W
Number of pages: 192
Rating: 13+
Price: $9.95 On Sale! $2.00

Stellvia is a space academy and one of the Space Foundations dedicated to saving Earth from a second wave of supernova explosions that is scheduled to hit the planet in 70 days. Shima Katose is a newly-enrolled student at Stellvia with exceptional skill as a programmer and lackluster talent as a pilot. Her dream is to be chosen as one of the elite pilots needed to help save the Earth. This is Shima’s story of struggle and perseverance. A touching story of friendship amongst unbeatable odds.

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