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Purgatory Kabuki

Purgatory Kabuki volume 1

Author: Yasushi Suzuki
ISBN 13: 978-1-59796-070-0
Date Published: 12/27/2007
Format: paperback / B&W
Number of pages: 144
Rating: 15+
Price:  $9.95

Purgatory Kabuki is a samurai action story set in the underworld or afterlife. For reasons unknown, former samurai – Imanoturugi is obsessed with leaving the afterlife. To die in battle is a samurai’s greatest honor. Yet, now Imanoturugi must claim 1000 swords from the fallen warriors who now share residence in the dark underworld. By these and these means alone, this highly skilled blades master will be allowed admittance back into the living world. But to what end? Upon what stone purpose does he sharpen his edge? The story borrows heavily from various Japanese legends and myths. A skillfully mixed bag of action, suspense, classic ukiyoe style art and intrigue…


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