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High School Girls

High School Girls volume 1

A hilariously hip account of life at an all-girls private high school. As the student body comes of age we witness their search for love, sexual controversy and the rivalry between cliques.

Rating:   15+ (Parental Advisory)     

High School Girls volume 2

In this second volume of High School Girls, the trio and new “insider” friend Kouda deliver more all girls school growing pains.

Rating:   15+ (Parental Advisory)

High School Girls volume 3

On a blistering hot day, a trip to the waterslides is just the cure. However, a lost bikini top and muscle bound hunks may be more than the girls can handle.

Rating:   15+ (Parental Advisory)

High School Girls volume 4

It’s winter and Eriko and gang are up to their usual silly antics again! They’ve got new tricks to survive their all-girls high school days, with crazy cures for the flu, new and improved heat protection methods...

Rating:   18+  

High School Girls volume 5

The girls decide to nab a sex offender and somehow end up as sex offenders themselves! It's summer vacation and the girls want to have some fun in the sun, but get a lot more than they bargained for...

Rating: 18+ 

High School Girls volume 6

The school field trip! When directionally-challenged Eriko gets lost while carry the meat for shabu-shabu, the girls form a search party to look for her...

Rating: 18+  

High School Girls volume 7

In Volume 7 of High School Girls, the moron group find themselves facing the danger of breaking up as they embark on their school trip to Okinawa.

Rating: 18+ 

High School Girls volume 8

High School Girls in Okinawa! What awaits them as they venture into the land of exotica, Japan's southernmost prefecture filled with mysteries old and new?Is it romance?

Rating: 18+

High School Girls volume 9

The end is finally here! The crazy Okinawan school trip approaches its end in this final volume of High School Girls. Eriko and her friends are up to their usual antics terrorizing the teachers, starting pillow fights...

Rating: 18+

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